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Leadership2.0 and Web2.0 at ERM: A journey from knowledge management to “Knowledging”
Bonnie Cheuk, Brenda Dervin

Last modified: 2009-09-12


This paper introduces Dervin’s Sense-Making Methodology (SMM) as an approach to KM system design using Web2.0. SMM is a philosophically derived approach which allows knowledge management (KM) researchers and practitioners to more fully understand and listen to user’s needs so as to inform the design of dialogic KM practices and systems to promote knowledge sharing. Increasingly, KM systems are incorporating Web2.0 features which allow user-generated content and have a stronger emphasis on collaboration and interaction amongst users. This paper presents a “Safety Moment” project to illustrate how SMM has been applied to inform the design of a Web2.0 enabled ‘knowledging’ application in Environmental Resources Management (ERM), the world’s largest all-environmental consulting firm. The project discussed has been implemented since January 2008 as part of ERM’s commitment to improve Health & Safety Performance to ensure all ERM employees, contractors and clients are safe at work. Use of the SMM informed Web2.0 application has correlated with increased staff satisfaction, increased company reputation and reduced risks. Much is said about the need for a Leadership 2.0 to implement Web2.0. The authors argue that this project exemplar illustrates how to make Web2.0 work, we need to define Leadership 2.0 as a set of alternative management values and practices driven by a set of coherent assumptions about the nature of human communication.