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Self-learning by IT using Online Chinese Chess System for an example.
Henry Tam

Last modified: 2018-05-02


Using IT for self-learning is very common in different aspects. Most likely can be used on the Science subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry,... The latest technology like Big Data, Machine Learning, AI,... are very hot topics. These can be used in different fields such as Finance, Econmics, Engineering, IT, ... I think even can be used in Education field.

I would like to demostrate how to use AI for student to self-learning Chinese Chess. As you know, the top chess players are most likely learn from the machine nowadays. Deep-blue for international chess in the old time. AlphaGo and Alpha Go Zero are using in "Go" game as a deep learning project. Machines and Humans can bring together to achieve better ideas in chess game.

I would like to introduce a famous web application as an example. This includes AI step recommendation, playing with AI, opening/mid/end game studies with comment and review, chess board editor. Also using the social network such as facebook to enhance student's interest. I would also provide a global statistics on this application. This is a Chess learning platform open freely to the world wide. With this platform, students can learn with each others.

Besides, I would also talk about other chess learning resources in the internet. I hope it can inspire the Hong Kong teachers about the IT resouces to enhance self-learning.