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Effects of applying a blended synchronous teaching and learning mode in higher education
Xiuhan LI, Zamzami ZAINUDDIN, Yin ZHANG, Samuel K.W. CHU

Last modified: 2017-05-05


This is a design-based research, in which the designed BSTL mode of teaching and learning enabled students who were unable to attend a classroom lecture to take the online class through live broadcasting. We carried out this research in two courses (the course “Children Literature” in summer 2016 and the course “Information Society Issues and Policy in fall 2016) of an undergraduate program in the Faculty of Education at one university for two semesters. This research adopted a mixed-method way in collecting both quantitative and qualitative data. The data sources included the server-log data, questionnaires, and interviews. The server-log data stored the data of students’ online behaviors in the BSTL system. The interviews aimed to develop a deep understanding of how participants perceiving the BSTL mode of teaching and learning. The questionnaire consisted of six parts with seventeen items adapted from the reviewed references. Five-point Likert scales were used for measuring the extent to which students agree with the statement of these items.