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The Gamification of Focus Training
Ann Bridgewater

Last modified: 2017-05-02


GlowMaster offers families an integrated neurofeedback-enhanced training product that is affordable, family-friendly and can be used at home.

Neurofeedback training (NFT) has been widely used with significant success for over forty years. The methodology is to present the subject with some form of visual, auditory or haptic feedback of their EEG state that is representative of their state of focus, and to provide an exercise that promotes a transition to a desired EEG state. It is considered to be an effective method for training attention.

Historically there have been significant drawbacks to this methodology such as high cost, the inconvenience of clinical visits (if available at all),the discomfort of clinical EEG headsets, and a high dropout rate due to boredom within a session. .

We have been able to mitigate all these drawbacks by producing an engaging game that can be delivered affordably in the student's own home.