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Developing Engaging Online Courseware for On-campus Blended Learning
Chi Un Lei

Last modified: 2017-05-02


Designing an on-campus blended learning experience can be challenging. One major challenge is to motivate students to engage with online learning materials. However, without hands-on design experience, teachers are usually not fully empowered to develop their own online courseware. This workshop is to equip teachers with the skills for creating an effective and engaging online learning environment on HKU Open edX ( Through this workshop, we would like to share our experience gained from developing a blended, small private online version of a technological common core course.

The workshop will address the following issues:


  • How can traditional resource-centric courseware be converted into learning-centric courseware?
  • How can game elements (e.g. badges, learning progress dashboard) and third-party services (e.g. online essay grading tools) be used on Open edX to facilitate learning and assessment?
  • How can learning analytics be used for assessing engagement of videos, quizzes and forum discussions?


Through the workshop, attendees will identify what and how online courseware can be designed for on-campus blended learning in HKU.