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Using Mobile Device to Motivate Learning
Sammy Sze-man Ming

Last modified: 2017-05-02


Gamification is the application of dynamics to captivate and motivate students to achieve their learning goals. One of these gamified platforms is Kahoot, which is a web-based classroom formative assessment tool providing an engaging learning space. It provides an on-screen competition to students based on a digital classroom game pedagogy. Teachers can assess students’ individual knowledge both formatively and summatively.


In this paper presentation, there will be 2 parts. First, I will give a demonstration on how to use Kahoot as a warm-up, energizer, and review in my digitized vocabulary class.  The participants are Associate Degree (AD) students (n=22) from a post-secondary institution. In an English Reading and Writing classroom, students are exposed to a variety of vocabulary items. The first method I will share is to use Kahoot at the beginning of the lesson as a warm up exercise. This is to help and draw students’ attention to the class. The second method is to use Kahoot in the middle of the lesson to help boost learners’ energy level. The aim is to enable them to focus on the content and continue learning at a higher level. The third method is to use Kahoot to wrap up a lesson enabling them to review the learning content.

In the second part of my presentation, I will report the findings on students’ academic and psychological experience in the use of mobile devices. A qualitative study was carried out. Data were collected using background questionnaires and focus group semi-structured interviews. Sixteen Year One AD students were recruited as interviewees to narrate their experience of English learning experience through web-based tools both inside and outside the classroom. The data suggested that learners’ ‘desires’ and ‘needs’ overlapped to various degrees in different periods. Criticisms towards the application of gamification as well as its subsequent challenges will also be shared.