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Gamification of digital skills training in Hong Kong higher education
Brant Knutzen

Last modified: 2017-05-02


The learning curve of many user interfaces is quite steep, and this has created issues for educators who wish to train students in the use of virtual reality and video capture / editing.  Gamification can effectively harness intrinsic motivation to improve the learning outcomes of training for digital literacy skills.  This presentation will introduce several game activities in the virtual world of Second Life which were developed for students in Hong Kong higher education to supplement face-to-face instruction.  Tools and techniques will be explored for the rapid prototyping and delivery of an educational game.  Key issues such as virtual identity, social constructivism, and support for reflective thinking will be examined for impact on game design and student motivation.  A new model of technology-mediated learning will be introduced to guide instructional design of activities and courses taught within the virtual world.  Finally, an inter-university project to support both STEM and humanities education using the virtual environment for learning will be discussed.