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Wikiglass: A Learning Analytic Tool for Collaborative Learning in Secondary and Primary Schools
Xiao Hu, Jeremy Ng, Chengrui Yang, Sam Chu

Last modified: 2017-05-02


Wiki is commonly known as a tool for facilitating group project-based learning. Nonetheless, the amount of learning evidence presented by Wiki can be in large quantities and in continuous data streams, leading to the need for teachers to shoulder the workload of monitoring student work in a timely manner. Leveraging automated means for optimizing teaching and learning, learning analytic (LA) can a viable and promising solution. In fact, LA tools have been built to help teachers in processing and making sense of these ongoing student input. However, existing tools mainly work with English writing and are often designed for higher education. This paper presents the features and functionality of an LA tool named Wikiglass that aims at helping teachers and students in primary and secondary schools using Chinese as the Medium of Instruction. Wikiglass can help monitoring student collaboration, progress and thinking orders in their writing at both individual and group levels. Preliminary data analysis shows that both teachers and students largely benefit from Wikiglass in term of collaboration facilitation, assessment assistance and feedback provision.