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Improving Teaching and Learning of Common Core Courses through Learning Management Systems and Learning Analytics
Xiao Hu, Chi-Un Leon Lei, Nancy Law, King Wa Fu, Gaowei Chen, Jeremy Ng, Chengrui Yang, Xiangyu Hou, Jiangnan Zhu

Last modified: 2017-05-02


Common Core courses have unique challenges rarely faced by other courses, including large class size, students’ diverse backgrounds, and reliance on non-traditional course activities. A learning analytic tool has been developed for instructors and learners to visualize learning progression with regard to course learning outcomes, as outcome-based learning is an important pedagogical strategy emphasized by the University and thus on CC courses. This LA tool aims to serve as a basis for learners to carry out self-monitoring of outcome-linked learning progress, and help teachers monitor student progress and decide on possible interventions for at-risk students after judicious interpretation of the visualization. This symposium comprises three presentations, given by the developers of the LA tool and instructors of CC courses who are going to share the tool’s functionality, reflect on their usage experience, and discuss best practices on online activities for CC courses.