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Cyber worldness and Cyber worldliness

Exploring Official Microblog Accounts of Information Schools: A Comparison on Twitter and Weibo
Chen Qiao, Yi Lu, Xiao Hu
Understanding Adolescents' Unethical Online Behaviors: A Structural Equation Approach
Fred H. F. Chan, Allan H. K. Yuen
Analyzing Senior Citizen’s Motivation and Course Completion Rate in Massive Open Online Courses
Biyun HUANG, Khe Foon HEW
University students’ use of social media for everyday life, informal and formal learning
Samuel Kai Wah Chu

Designing and Assessing Learning

Investigating the use of the wiki: Test of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)
Technology-facilitated feedback processes
David Carless
Using Mobile Instant Messenger (WhatsApp TM) to Support Students’ English Writing: Designing and Assessing Learning with Mobile Coaching
Arthur Wing Hong Lai
Using E-portfolio (Mahara and PBworks) to help manage the academic advising process for students
Samuel Kai Wah CHU, Alvin KWAN, Stephanie LAM
Ubiquitous Learning for Distance Education Students: An Experience of Conducting Real-time Online Library Orientation through Mobile Technology
Leo F.H. Ma, Ling Ling Yu
Developing engaging video to teach writing
Patrick Desloge, Phil Smyth
Mobile Applications for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Raymond Yiu Man Fung, Rachel Ho
Distinguish self-regulated learning from self-directed learning
Jing Wang
The Use of Social Media in Collaborative Learning among University Students
Tian SHEN, Xiao HU
A Proposed Moodle-based Instructional Platform for Training Teachers of an International Secondary School in Hong Kong to Design Interdisciplinary Lesson Plan
Yu YIN, Wai Yau Lam, Jane Kathryn Reed, Qing Nian Wen, Xuan Wang
The effect of gamification: Enhancing the teaching of argumentation in Hong Kong secondary schools through blended learning
Yau Wai Lam
A Computational Approach to Analyzing Students' Discussions on Social Media Platforms
Lu Tian, Xiao Hu

The Future of Open Learning

Sorting out Safer Sex Knowledge: Revealing Young Adolescents’ understanding on safer sex
Samuel Kai Wah Chu, Alvin C.M. Kwan, Frankie Tam, Grace M.Y Lee, Karin Chang, Wendy Leung
Personalization: the Future of Open Online Courses
Min Lan
Implementation of Foreign MOOC in Mainland China Market: Coursera as an Example
Yu YIN, Ying Ling Mao, Ni Xue Qiu, Jin Wong

Emerging Pedagogies and Technologies

小學創意動畫教育拓展計劃 ( 教育局學校電子學習試驗計劃 )
hosirsir 何應倫
志雄 夏, 偉傑 周
Keeping ahead of the game: Digital game-based learning
David Gatrell
Using Learning Analytics to Assess Student Learning in Wikis
Christy W.L. Cheong, Xiao Hu
Developing an Application Evaluation Toolkit for Education
Monika Tavernier
W.W. KI 祁永華, 林小苹 林小苹
Social Network Analysis of Student Wikis for Collaborative Projects
Xiao Hu, Sam Chu, Yihui Ma
Presence Pedagogy: creating a Community of Inquiry in a Virtual Classroom
Brant Knutzen
Priority of Factors Impacting on Implementation of Blended Learning in Vocational Education: Case study of a Vocational School in China
Xibin Han, Yuping Wang, Jiangang Cheng
Workshop: Gamifying the reading process with "Reading Battle"
Samuel Kai Wah Chu, Helen Chan, June Wong, Monika Tavernier, Anja Wintermeyer, Zhen-Zhu Shen, Qin-Yue Wang, Xue-Ming Wang, Wendy Wu
Encouraging Student Engagement with URely
Leo F.H. Ma
Incorporating Wiki technology to enhance University students’ collaborative learning in a traditional research method and statistics course: a pilot study
Shirley S.M. Fong, SKW Chu, WWF Lau, I Doherty, KF Hew
Foster learner autonomy: Empowering students with Special Education Needs in Second/ Foreign English Learning through Approachable and Effective Technology
Ethan Yeung