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Foster learner autonomy: Empowering students with Special Education Needs in Second/ Foreign English Learning through Approachable and Effective Technology
Ethan Yeung

Last modified: 2015-04-22


Vocabulary teaching and learning account for the major component of English language teaching and learning in early stage of second language learning, however, studies on intervention on teaching English as a second language to Chinese SEN learner is still scarce. There was an urgent need of how to to find out suitable strategies in teaching English to SEN students.

In response to the different learning pace of students with SEN and the importance of explicit learning at the early stage of vocabulary development (Nation, 2001), the SIG-ICT of CAISE has introduced Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL) as a pedagogical approach in English teaching to various schools since 2011. Studies on the learner autonomy and learning progress of the particapted school were conducted. A series of learning tools to meet indivdual needs and their learning styles were developed during the studies. In this workshop, the speaker will share the research findings and how to make technology approachable to students with SEN in language teaching and learning.