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Analyzing Senior Citizen’s Motivation and Course Completion Rate in Massive Open Online Courses
Biyun HUANG, Khe Foon HEW

Last modified: 2015-04-02


Massive open online courses(MOOCs) have opened up massive learning opportunities to 21st century learners. It is notable that a special group of learners, senior citizens, are taking good advantages of these learning opportunities and participating actively in MOOCs.What courses did senior citizens take? Did senior citizens complete their MOOCs? What were their motivation levels? This study is a case study on 15 senior citizens’ motivation in MOOCs settings. A validated instructional material survey instrument(IMMS) was used to measure participants’ motivation level. The correlation between senior citizens’ motivation level and course completion rate was also studied.Result showed that the course completion rate of these participants was 80%, which was much higher than the reported average MOOCs completion rate 7% (Jordan, 2014). Further data analysis indicated that there was a positive correlation among participants’ overall motivation level, confidence and course completion rate.