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Mobile Applications for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Raymond Yiu Man Fung, Rachel Ho

Last modified: 2015-04-17


Key Activities:

  • Introduction of the 6 apps
  • Rationales for the development of the 6 apps
  • Demonstration of the 6 apps
  • Question and Discussion

The Intended Participants:

Parents, teachers, therapists, psychologists, paraprofessionals of individuals with autism spectrum disorder.


Maximum Number of Attendants: 80


Required Equipment: Projector, Sound system

During the workshop, 6 mobile applications that serve 6 different functions and teaching objectives for student with Autism Spectrum Disorder will be introduced. The speaker will share the experience of teachers using apps in the treatment center and school. Comparison on the advantage and disadvantages between the apps and the traditional forms of teaching materials will be discussed.