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Using social media tools in the learning and teaching of general studies in primary school An inquiry-based approach
Wai Ting Vicky LUI, W.F., Wilfred LAU, Kai Wah, Samuel CHU

Last modified: 2014-05-26


This study explored the effects of using social media tools on the learning and teaching of Primary six General Studies based on an inquiry-based approach in Hong Kong. Specifically, this study focused on a Wiki-based online platform called PBworks. Findings showed students’ positive attitudes towards the platform after the study. There was some evidence to suggest that students’ online interactions lead to more offline interactions among themselves. Improvement of learning in the subject was observed. This study concluded that a well-planned Wiki-based learning experience, which is framed under an inquiry-based approach facilitated by students’ online collaborative knowledge construction, is conducive to the teaching and learning in General Studies in primary school.