CITE Open Conference Systems, Learning without Limits?

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Learning in MOOCs
Steven Roberts, Darren Harbutt, Iain Doherty, Nicky Ng

Last modified: 2014-05-12


In HKU, the eLearning Pedagogical Support Unit is working with experts from four faculties to create MOOCs that will run on the edX platform. This constitutes the first stage of a design-based research approach to course development.  This presentation aims to generate discussion on key questions by outlining the content of and the processes behind HKU’s MOOCs.  Emerging from this discussion will be four key pedagogical themes: (1) techniques to promote active learning; (2) the effective assessment of higher-order learning outcomes; (3) the potential roles of students as co-creators and collaborators; and (4) issues regarding the ratio of teacher/student/cognitive presence.