CITE Open Conference Systems, Learning without Limits?

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Technology-enhanced Health Sciences Education
Susan Margaret Bridges, Yanqi Yang, Lap Ki Chan, Michael Burrow

Last modified: 2014-05-13


This symposium aligns with the conference sub-theme of ‘technology-supported professional learning’ and takes a specific focus on two healthcare professions, namely Dentistry and Medicine. The three speakers share current work on technology-enhanced learning supported by Teaching Development Grants in their respective undergraduate curricula. Drs Yang and Burrow’s projects share a common interest in how students aquire psychomotor skill development and critical reasoning using 3-D imaging. Dr Chan’s presentation shares how colleagues across the three clinical faculties using problem-based learning (PBL) are facing new opportunities and challenges associated with 21st century learners and their ubiquitous use of mobile devices in what Bridges et al have coined as ‘PBL2.0’ (Bridges et al 2010)